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Help with using the website

Our help section covers:

  • Finding information
  • Finding people
  • Viewing files (includes note on PDF forms)
  • Downloading and saving files
  • Help with problems accessing pages

Finding Information

To help you find information on the site you can use the main navigation
menu or our site map.

  • Site Map
    Lists the main sections on the website and their content

Finding People

Viewing files

The majority of content on the Italian Cinema Audiences website is provided in the normal HTML webpage format viewable through any web browser software.

Some content is provided in non-HTML webpage format. This is so that we can provide the content in exactly the same style and appearance that is already offered through other channels.

Non-HTML webpage formats used on this site include:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF format
    PDF files can be read using Adobe Reader software, which is available for many different computer systems including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Palm. Visit the Adobe website to obtain the Adobe Reader software.
  • Cinema-going In Rome – Video Memories
    The video files have been embedded into the webpage from YouTube. Click on the individual video file to play. The videos are embedded via iframes, so iframe embeds must be allowed in your browser setting.
  • Maps Pages
    The maps have been created using various programmes. Please refer to the Maps page for further information on the softwares used.
  • Podcasts
    The website features several podcasts. Press play on the podcast to listen to the file.

Downloading and saving files

Most files will automatically download to your computer if you click on the link to that file. Depending on your browser settings, you may be asked where you would like to save the document, or it may open automatically within the current browser window.

If you would prefer to take greater control over the downloading and saving of a document, then you can also right-click (in Windows) or control-click (on a Macintosh) on the link to the document and select the option entitled ‘Save Target As’, ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Linked File As’ (depending on your type of browser).

Help with problems accessing pages

Our website has been built to allow compatibility with all types of browser on any computer operating system. Although the appearance of the website will vary according to the capabilities of your system, the site itself should still work. If the site does not function properly for you, please use the contact page and include your browser/operating system version so that we can investigate.

If you click on a link anywhere on the site and get an error message saying that the page you were looking for cannot be found, please use the contact page to let us know where the original link was so that we can investigate the problem and fix it.

If a page persistently fails to load in your browser, it is possible that a corrupt local version of the page has been temporarily stored by your browser. You can clear this out by refreshing the page.